The Hottest and Most Expensive NFL Ticket 2021 Prediction

January 27, 2021
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In this article, we discuss the tickets of the most important sports league in the world. With declining numbers, there have been various speculations about the supply and availability of this ticket.

What is the NFL?

Short form for the National Football League, the NFL is the professional American League for football, with 32 teams in totality, combating each other for the title. This league is one of the four major sports leagues in Northern America, the league with the highest level of professionalism in American football, and the world’s highest revenue-fetching sports league. The season runs from early September to late December, lasting a total of 17 weeks of duration. Here, each team plays a total of 16 games, with one week reserved for byes. Once the regular season is done, it is followed by advancing the top seven teams to their respective playoffs. With the headquarter in Midtown Manhattan, the single-elimination tournament is generally held on the first Sunday of February, in the form of the Super Bowl.

This league was founded in the year 1920 in the form of APFA (American Professional Football Association), later renamed as the National Football League in 1922. Before 1933, the champion was determined based on the final standing at the end of the season. The following year, the play-off system was implemented as part of this league until 1966. That year, there was an agreement to merge with the AFL rival (American Football League). The champions from each league fought to determine the ultimate champion until the merger ended in the year 1970. This tournament still holds the highest ever attendance for any professional sports globally and is the leading sports league in the United States of America.

A quick view on 2020 NFL Ticket

The release of the tickets at the National Football League is speculated to be a public holiday for millions of people worldwide, with more than 30 teams gearing up for the ultimate battle and ramp up the selling of thousands of tickets to the audience.

Given the current situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, there has been some speculation surrounding a live audience’s presence in those games. Thanks to the live streaming option available, the audience can enjoy their games from the comfort of their homes, safe from the various dangers surrounding this deadly virus. There is still some time before an actual decision is taken on this issue, but fans worldwide are rooting for these games to happen, comfort for them in this deadly lockdown in many countries around the world.

TicketIQ has provided some significant numbers for the Sunday NFL ticket ahead of the competition, and it seems that things are shaking out well so far.

Minnesota Vikings Mascot

Minnesota Vikings Mascot on a field

Prediction for the 2021 NFL Ticket

Based on data surrounding the average NFL ticket prices, the shift from Oakland to Las Vegas has led to an unbelievable 527% rise for Raiders in their first season. Four out of the Raiders’ total eight games will showcase the brand-new Allegiant Stadium across national television.

With the Sunday NFL ticket on high stakes, teams like Denver Broncos and New York Jets are looking for a big improvement next season. Tampa Bay and Cincinnati are a couple of teams that are heading for a fall in NFL ticket prices. After including Ohio native quarterback Joe Burrow as part of their draft last month, the Bengals are quite optimistic about their performance this season. On the other hand, the Buccaneers are looking to ramp up their average NFL ticket prices after signing the popular Tom Brady and exchanging Rob Gronkowski as part of the trade.

Since the time Brady left the Patriots, this team’s average NFL ticket prices have fallen by 39% overall, causing this the highest drop in the league so far. Chicago Bears suffered a loss of 22% in their average NFL ticket prices, while Los Angeles Chargers reported a drop of 8% in the NFL ticket prices.

The Chargers will now be sharing with the L.A. Rams as part of their shift to the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, inciting a 46% rise in Sunday NFL ticket prices. However, the drop in prices can be due to a dramatic boost in the capacity at SoFi compared to the Dignity Health Sports Park. The Bolts managed an amazing crowd of 31,750 people in a stadium that could manage a total of 27,000 people. However, this was the lowest average with around 15,000 attendance per game. Cincinnati occupied the 31st place.

On the other hand, the entire increase in Sunday NFL ticket prices cannot be attributed to people’s greater interest. In Jets’ case, the NFL ticket prices are primarily due to the availability of a lower inventory supply in the secondary market. As shown by TicketIQ, the largest negative difference in the league was reported by Gang Green, with a fall of 91% in the quantity of total secondary market tickets available.

On the other hand, the Giants have found a decrease of 60% compared to their total sales last year. The top five are rounded by Pittsburgh, Washington, and Green Bay.


Even though the entire number is majorly dependant on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we have found that the total number of NFL tickets available has been steadily declining over the past few years. Supply is thinning out slowly yet steadily, and the stagnant demand is likely to cause a rise in these tickets’ prices.

As per data from TicketIQ, there has been a steady decline in tickets’ availability, with the current number on the lowest amount. There has been a reported increase of approximately 51.5% since 2019, thanks to the increasing demand against decreased supply.

Las Vegas is the home of the most expensive secondary ticket in the entire league, given the $1,100 per ticket. New York, Dallas, Seattle, and Denver form the top 5.


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