Top 5 most successful football clubs in 2020

September 30, 2020
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The Nottingham Forest and likewise Blackburn Rovers that reflected sheer success 10s of years ago has happened to be replaced by present dominating teams as of Manchester United and Liverpool, both having roots from England.

While Nottingham and Rovers ruled the football dominion in the previous century, the tables have altered to United or Liverpool among others for 20th-century kids and youth.

Perhaps, tables are created to turn. And so letting the gone years and decades go off, let’s them Nottingham and Rovers ruled the football dominion 2020:

  • Aston Villa

The tremendous success of Aston Villa began in the 1980s when after having challenging but successful runs in the then occurring championship. The league title of 1980 – 1981 belonged to Aston Villa. A year after, they proved their majesty by winning the European Cup.

Formed in March 1874 Aston villa has come down to the truest of success, placing itself as one of the top-5 most successful football clubs in 2020. Although the spirit has lowered than earlier, the victories of 7 league titles along with the 7 FA clubs can never be blundered.

  • Chelsea

The indefinite success for Chelsea hit only after 1990 and ever since remained constant in the dominating position.

With the best players within the team, the blues has never missed qualifying themselves in the Champions League. Dominating football players in a dominating team and perhaps, the blues has to have its spot in top-5 most successful football clubs in 2020.

  • Club Nacional de Football

With overall 115 trophies in hand, this football club from Uruguay has made it to top-5 most successful football clubs in 2020.

Club Nacional might slip out from the talking but is the most successful football club in Uruguay. The football team is known to tackle and pass with victory in domestic tournaments.

Apart from that, a rarely known fact is that Diego Godin, the defender of Inter Milan began his football career with this Uruguay team.

  • Rangers

Belonging to the land of Scotland, Rangers has earned 115 trophies; a European Cup winners cup 1971-72 with 54 Scottish league titles until now making them the best of all from Scotland.

Rangers ought to take place in top-5 most successful football clubs in 2020 for its manifold history. With a sudden fan base spike of 1 M Worldwide in less time, it’s a matter to question if they are emerging as a team to be worried about?

  • Al Ahly

The club of the century, Al Ahly was founded in 1907 and has until now marked the least count of loss.

Talking of the most achieved trophies, Al Ahly has to be the first in top-5 most successful football clubs in 2020 with 118 trophies in total. One hundred eighteen trophies that are built of 10 Egyptian super cups, 36 Egyptian cups, 41 Egyptian Premier League titles, 8 CAF Champions leagues, 4 CAF Cup winners’ cups, 6 CAF Super Cups, and 1 CAF confederations cup. It comes as no surprise why Al Ahly is known as ‘the club of the century’ with the legacy of football in Africa.

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