Why is Scottish Football in Decline?

October 14, 2020
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Football for long has been one of the most widely played games in countries all over the world. The immense popularity of football has given birth to the large number of widespread tournaments that are being held these days. Football has been dramatically developed and considerably witnessed revolutionary changes in different parts of the world today.

Different countries all over the world have developed and thereby evolved their forms of playing this legendary game. From England football to American football (rugby) to Scottish football, this game has seen and discovered diverse spheres. While English football still has been able to hold on to its position of widespread recognition and fame over time immemorial, Scottish football, on the other hand, weaves forth a melancholic tone of decline.

Reasons for the Decline of Scottish Football

Some important reasons amount to the considerable decline in Scottish football. Some of the most primary reasons have been mentioned below:

  • One of the most critical factors in participating as well as for hosting a football tournament is finance. This is mostly an area that Scotland lags in. The lack of a sufficient amount of finances has added to the decline of Scottish football from its previous position of prominence.
  • Even though the national team had a pretty large number of occasions wherein it could have swiftly gained a position of prominence, in the World Cup, it had failed. Hence, the national football team of Scotland could never really move past the first stage in the World Cup.
  • Even though the Scottish football team is known to have received satisfying results in various tournaments, the underlying fact, however, remains forever unchanged. The team lacks a sufficient number of genuinely good football players.
  • According to some eminent commentaries made on the Scottish football team, the primary reason for the decline of Scottish football lies in the fact that the national football team lacks the necessary amount of talent. Looking back, one can easily recount that almost every English club back in the past, had at least four or five Scottish footballers occupying the center stage considerably.

Present Condition of Scottish Football

As it can be very well perceived, Scottish football is found to get only an insufficient coverage by the media, outside the geographical boundaries of Scotland these days. The team has not been found to qualify for World Cup or even for any of the European tournaments for quite a considerable period, since the year 1998.

Even though the Celtic and the Rangers, which had once created enriching history in the world of football, the era has sadly come to an unthinkable end. Back in the year 1985, it was undoubtedly the Scottish Premier League that held the center stage in football, with hundreds of fans, cheering them. Just 34 years ago, Scottish football had a wholly different position for itself. It witnessed some of the great footballers of all time, like, Alex Ferguson, Denis Law, amongst others.


Scotland, which was once the ground for some of the greatest and the best football players now faces a crucial turn point in the history of football. While lovers of this game, cherish some of the golden times that Scottish football ever experienced, they all know that this myriad of decline that has occurred in Scottish football is irreversible.


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